Spring cleaning?  Make room for more cacao!

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Spring is the time to clean out and take stock. If you find that your stock of cacao is low, then the all new Spring Fling Pack is just the thing you need! It comes with a tin of each delectable flavor - 50, 65, and 70 - and the riot guide.

the riot guide a tour of each flavor, a map of the cacao world, and a note from sweetriot's Mastermind and Chief Rioter will give you the low-down on sweetriot cacao.

nutrition info

all-natural, anti-oxidant-rich, dairy-free, kosher, gluten-free cacao with a mission. each 1oz tin is sure to bring out the inner rioter... whether it's the scrumptious taste and low calories of sweetriot cacao, the cool art on the edge, or the cacao country fun fact inside, you'll be glad you gave peace(s) a chance.

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